1. North Dakota has added about 100,000 workers since 2009, leading the nation in population growth. Moreover, many of those new residents are male: “From 2009 to 2013, the number of men in North Dakota increased by 14% (46,000), compared with a 9% increase among women (30,000).” Hence the term, “man rush.”

    Given the current energy and population boom in North Dakota, the Pew Research Center, “thought back to the late 1800s with the silver rush in Colorado and Alaska’s oil boom in the 1970s, and then examined census data from those periods. It turns out that North Dakota’s population boom is not nearly as large as these two other moments in history.” 

    Source: Planetizen

  2. Today’s Williston is unrecognisable to its former self. Thanks to the shale-oil boom, what was once an isolated city in the emptiest corner of the continent is now the fastest-growing small centre in North America. It has the highest average wages in the US and the worst housing shortage. It is the most expensive place in the US in which to rent new housing. And it is wracked with cultural conflict between about 12,000 long-time Williston residents and at least 21,000 newcomers who’ve arrived over the past five-odd years.

    (via Welcome to Williston, North Dakota: America’s new gold rush city | Cities | The Guardian)


  3. When completed in 2016, the Petra Nova Carbon Capture Project will trap 1.6 million tons of carbon annually from one unit of NRG’s WA Parish power plant and pipe it 82 miles (132 km) to the West Ranch Oil Field.

  4. Infographic: Global Cities With The Highest Millionaire Density
    from Niall McCarthy„ statista.com

    According to a study carried out by Spear’s magazine and wealth consultancy company WealthInsight, the tiny principality of Monaco has the highest density of millionaires in the world. Well known for …

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    Simple, really.

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    It’s been almost two years since Superstorm Sandy hit New York City and caused unprecedented chaos. 8.5 million people were left without electricity, and 650,000 houses and 100,000 companies were either damaged or destroyed.

    Since then, numerous ideas have emerged with a view to making New York more resilient. 

    Here’s six of them


  7. "In 2017 Tesla will debut a new iteration of the electric car: the Model 3. Unlike its electric siblings — the Roadster, the Model S and the yet to be released Model x — it will have a far more affordable price tag. In fact that price tag, $35,000, is roughly half that of the $69,000 Model S and far less than the Roadster."
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    Livio Vacchini - Power plant, Giubiasco 2010. Perhaps a nod to the 1964 Swiss Expo. Photos (C) Marco Introini

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    It’s official: Brownsville, Texas, will host the first commercial rocket launch site in the U.S.

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    Stunning Images Of Skylines Captured With Time Lapse Photography

    by Dan Marker-Moore

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    Those ‘Welcome to California’ signs could be no more if this plan to split California into six different states is realised. 

    But the implications go way further than signage. 

    In our latest post, we look at why the six Californias concept would be terrible for transport. 

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    A Futuristic Office Design To Combat Your Constant Distraction

    Fluidly move from space to space, if people around you get too chatty. Need to have a focused business meeting? Take a screen-free stroll on the meandering walkway on the office perimeter.

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    Listings app lets local governments trade equipment

    Peer-to-peer lending has already hit a wide range of industries, from audio-visual equipment business goods, enabling those who can’t afford to own limited use items to lend them from others in their community. Now MuniRent wants to encourage city councils to take advantage by pooling their resources and lending them to each other. READ MORE…